First milestone

As an entrepreneur, I tend to focus on the big picture and the vision for our business. My vision for HeadUp is to provide insights to help you live your best life. Imagine if all of your health and wellbeing information was truly connected. It could transform your health and perhaps even save your life. Think of the possibilities…

But a grand vision is not enough to build a sustainable product. You need a process that enables you to learn about your market and your customers.

Today, in our journey towards building the HeadUp product, we’ve reached a key milestone: the release of our Insiders experiment. With the Insiders program, we’re looking to better understand people’s health and lifestyle behaviours. Our aim is to provide useful insights to help Insiders get more out of life.

The Insiders program is part of our iterative process of building the HeadUp product – testing our ideas to make sure we find that sweet spot people will love.

For now, we’re targeting Fitbit users who are interested in understanding how what they do today affects how they feel tomorrow. By connecting their devices and answering daily check-in, they’ll feed data into our system so we can crunch useful insights.

We’ll also ask our Insiders about their experience and feedback on what we’re building so we can understand people’s motivations, what makes them tick, what keeps them coming back for more or drive them away. We hope to get it right but if it’s not please tell us as it’s a critical part of our process.

If you’re interested in what we’re doing and want to get involved, sign up here.