Data is a terrible thing to waste

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is permeating almost every part of our lives these days. In fact, it may just be AI that brought you to this post in the first place …

But there’s one aspect of life in which Artificial Intelligence has barely touched the surface – and the sooner it makes its presence felt more keenly, the better.

It’s healthcare.

The potential to save lives, time and money is limitless, and, as we know full well at HeadUp Labs, the upsurge in the use of wearables, mobile devices and the Internet of Things in its entirety is making it more achievable every day.

But the reality is that currently, all that potentially life-saving data is leaking all over the place.

One report estimates that big data crunching algorithms could save medicine and pharma up to $100 billion a year as a result of AI-assisted efficiencies in research, clinical trials and decisions made in doctors’ offices themselves.

The more data these algorithms get exposed to, the more accurate and more efficient they become.

The problem is multi-faceted and due in part to strict privacy laws, government bureaucracy, as well as companies wanting to protect their own data and IP and keeping it in restrictive, siloed storage systems that can’t talk to other restrictive, siloed storage systems. And until all that data becomes shareable and available it will never realise its potential.

When healthcare evolves into both a learning and sharing system, both patients and the medical profession and its institutions will benefit.

When it does, doctors will be able to instantly mine worldwide data to make quicker, more accurate diagnoses and remove the need for patients to wait for expensive referrals.

It will allow public health agencies to predict the next epidemic and prepare for it before it happens.

Across the board there will be a major transformation in the relationship between doctors, patients and insurance providers that will be less reactive and episodic and more proactive and consistent.

At HeadUp Labs, we believe that data is a terrible thing to waste, and there is perhaps no greater example of that than in the world of healthcare.

That’s why we’re taking the data from our users’ wearables and devices and turning into actual, useable, meaningful insight.

In isolation, the amount of hours we sleep at night, the steps we take, our resting heartbeat, the calories we burn are just numbers.

But brought together they become a powerful indicator of where our physical and mental health is, and where it’s going.

The technology exists. We have the accessibility, we have the affordable hardware - but until now, nobody’s tapped into its potential.

Nobody’s pulled it together and made it compelling. No one’s made the data count.

Data, wearables, Artificial Intelligence, electronic medical records, the Internet of Medical Things – there is so much knowledge and technology available to us today (and more and more of it with each passing day) that can be doing far more good in terms of healthcare than it’s currently doing.

If only someone could find a way to make that happen sooner rather than later.

Well someone is.

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