Believe it or not …

I happened to be walking through an airport the other day, and on my way to the gate I went past a book shop. And as I did, one word stopped me in my tracks.


All those business and self-help books that seem most at home on the shelves of bookshops in airport terminals generally seem to say the same things.

They say stuff like “People buy what you believe, not what you actually do”.

“Believe it and it will happen”

“When you believe, they will too.”

I disagree. As a consumer or customer, I’m interested in what a business does for me and whether or not they deliver on what they say they’re going to do. All the “We believe…” corporate stuff always seems like self-indulgent waffle to me.

But, having said that, today I’m going to throw caution to the wind, and tell you what I believe, and in turn, what’s shaping HeadUp.

I believe that health is the most important thing. I think that if you haven’t got your health, then everything else - money, relationships, career, status, material possessions, you name it, means nothing.

I believe that everyone has the right, and indeed a responsibility, to take care of their health.

I believe that the healthcare system doesn’t exist. There’s a ‘health care system’ but its name is entirely misleading.

Despite the smart, dedicated people that work inside it, it’s run by a government that doesn’t actually care whether you’re healthy or happy or alive or dead.

In fact, recent numbers from the U.S indicate medical errors are the third leading cause of death.

It’s not a health care system at all. It’s a sick care system. And when you fall ill or get injured and you enter that system, its aim is to get you out of the system as quickly as possible.

I believe that in order for us to take responsibility for our health, we need access to our own information and data.

How can we manage something that we can’t measure and monitor in real time? Up until now, the ‘healthcare’ system has long held this paternalistic relationship with people where it holds our information in silos and discourages us from wanting to access it.

I believe that technology and digitisation of medicine is our big opportunity to finally take control and own our information. This means that all of our sensor data, records, notes, lab results and images can sit in one place that we control.

I believe that such a place should be secure and that our data shouldn’t be sold or misused in any way.

I believe that when we get to this place we will change our relationship with doctors and those who are entrusted to treat us. We will have a more respectful relationship where we will draw on our information to ensure that we ask informed questions, manage the process and make more intelligent choices.

I believe that telemedicine and AI will allow us to access treatment across a far broader spectrum of modalities for less money and help achieve outcomes that today we could only dream of.

I believe that we will need less treatment because we will have at our fingertips, a dashboard that will guide us and manage us and open up a world of preventative medicine.

I believe that HeadUp can help completely transform the world and allow people to have their own health care system.

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